January 7, 2011

Damon scores short film The Boy In The Oak

Damon Albarn has composed a score for his sister Jessica's upcoming short film, The Boy In The Oak. The film is directed by Luke Losey and is based on Jessica Albarn's recently published story book of the same name.

Jude Law is reportedly narrating the film, which is due to get its first screening later this year (most probably in the UK only).

Director Luke Losey described the film to Shots [link down] in November: "It's a Pan's Labyrinth-esque, dark fairytale about a neglected boy whose anti-social attitude to nature lands him in trouble with the fairies in the woods, who imprison him in an oak tree for eternity."

The pilot for the film was shot in October and apparently the filmmakers are hoping to find more funding to complete the project.

"It's all been supported by Alcove Entertainment and our hope is that with this little snippet [the pilot] we can raise money to develop the feature," said Losey.

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