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February 27, 2014 - vblurpage.com:

Blur have 15 new song ideas recorded

But there are no plans to finish them anytime soon

Damon Albarn has revealed in an interview with NME that Blur have recorded around 15 new song ideas. As reported earlier, the band spent a week in a recording studio in Hong Kong while on tour last year and further sessions may have happened after that. However, the work on the new material has halted for now and may take years to turn into an album for a couple of reasons.

"All of us are doing other stuff at the moment," he said and continued shortly with a more comprehensive answer: "I love making music with those guys, but honestly, if all of us collectively feel 'this is the best thing we could be doing collectively now', we're doing it again. But until that happens, we won't do it again."

The album is nowhere near completion according to Damon: "Just because you record 15 ideas, doesn't mean you've got an album... Maybe for some bands that is, but for us it's like the first quarter of the record, because you edit it a lot and make sure you've got the best stuff in the end."

Damon picked up the NME Award For Innovation at the NME Awards yesterday (Feb 26). In the near future, he plans to work with Paul Simonon on a new theatre project and record music for a Luc Besson film with Electric Wave Bureau.

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