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February 10, 2012 - vblurpage.com:

Rocket Juice & The Moon album release date and tracklisting revealed

According to NME.com, amazon.co.uk and Play.com, Rocket Juice & The Moon's self-titled studio album is due to be out on March 26 via Honest Jon's Records. The tracklisting is as follows:


        01. 1-2-3-4-5-6
        02. Hey, Shooter
        03. Lolo
        04. Night Watch
        05. Forward Sweep
        06. Follow-Fashion
        07. Chop Up
        08. Poison
        09. Extinguished
        10. Rotary Connection
        11. Check Out
        12. There
        13. Worries
        14. Benko
        15. The Unfadable
        16. DAM(N)
        17. Fatherless
        18. Leave-Taking

The album is currently available to pre-order as a CD (possible other formats will be announced later - please keep checking the album's Discography page on this website for further info).

In related - and much more important news for many, Graham Coxon has told
Daily Record that "there will definitely be another Blur album".

Speaking about the band's upcoming Brit Awards appearance, he said: "We haven't planned the rehearsals yet, but there will definitely be another Blur album. We're always going to meet up and want to play things. We do like recording. Eventually, even if things aren't around the corner, Blur will do more recordings together. We all love each other and still like making music so that's not a bad start."

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