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August 1, 2011 - vblurpage.com:

Damon launches DRC Music

The DRC Music logo
The DRC Music logo


Damon Albarn has teamed up with a group of producers to record an album for Oxfam in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project has been christened as DRC Music and features various producers and musicians including Dan The Automator, Marc Antoine, Kwes and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Also involved are many local musicians from the Congo.

The collective spent the last week recording in Kinshasa and apparently have already finished the album (apart from the final tweaks, of course). The preview clip of the song "Hallo" is listenable below. The track features the Congolese band Tout Puissant Mukalo.


While waiting for the release date of the album, visit DRC Music's Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter profiles for more info and media.

Update added August 31, 2011:

DRC Music album details

DRC Music's Kinshasa One Two will be out on Warp Records on 3rd October (digital download) and 7th November (CD and vinyl). The tracklisting is as follows:

The album artwork
The album artwork

1. Hallo (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge)
2. K-Town
(N’Gotshima and Bebson)
3. African Space Anthem (A.S.A.)
(Ewing Sima of Tout Puissant Mukalo)
4. Love
5. Lingala
(Bokatola System and Evala Litongo)
6. Lourds
(Yende Bongongo of Okwess International)
7. Respect Of The Rules
(Loi X Liberal)
8. We Come From The Forest
(Bokatola System)
9. Customs
(Bokatola System)
10. Virginia
(Magakala Virginia Yollande and Yowa Hollande)
11. Ah Congo
(Jupiter Bokondji and Bokatola System)
12. Three Piece Sweet Part 1 & 2
13. If You Wish To Stay Awake
14. Departure
(Bokatola System)

The physical formats will include unique code to download three bonus tracks. The vinyl edition will also feature 14 special art cards.

So far it is confirmed that Damon does vocals on "Hallo". You can listen to it and two other tracks on the new official site of DRC Music [link down].

The album was recorded over five days in Kinshasa with 11 producers and over 50 local performers. All proceeds from the album's sale will go to Oxfam's work in the Congo.

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