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September 12, 2010 - vblurpage.com:

Gorillaz teams up with Microsoft

Gorillaz featuring in the promotional material over the recent years
Gorillaz featuring in the
miscellaneous promotional material
over the recent years

Which web browser rules? Firefox or Chrome? Nah, in Gorillaz' opinion it's Internet Explorer!

The band will be a part of Internet Explorer 9 Beta launch event, which takes place on 15th September in London. The digital invitation, sent only to selected persons, features artwork from the Japanese edition of Plastic Beach.

While waiting for the night, Internet Explorer's UK team have tweeted that they're "big Gorillaz fans" (of course :-).

This is not the first time when Gorillaz is flirting with a big multinational corporation. In 2005, Demon Days album cover featured in the promotional images of the fifth generation Apple iPods. Also, the upcoming Nokia N8 smartphone is 'playing' "On Melancholy Hill" in the sample image (see the picture collage on the above right).

If you're more interested about Gorillaz' collaboration with Microsoft, please check out this article from Neowin.net or visit The Blue E blog [link down] for the latest on the IE9 beta launch. It is not yet known whether Gorillaz will be involved in the full scale launch of the browser next year.

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