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September 7, 2010 - vblurpage.com:

Official EMI forums under attack

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic report
Google Safe Browsing diagnostic
report for forums.blur.co.uk
from September 7

The official forums of Blur, Gorillaz and Graham Coxon have been under a malware attack and inaccessible since yesterday (Sep 6).

The infector, virtuellvorun.org, has harmed over 150 sites in the past three months, including many popular EMI-hosted sites like parlophone.co.uk, katebush.co.uk and pinkfloyd.co.uk.

Currently, it is not known how long the repair will take as EMI has not yet commented about the issue. Meanwhile, everyone should avoid entering the infected sites and keep the antivirus software updated.

Veikko's Blur Page will keep you updated on the issue.

Update added September 8, 2010:

All Blur-related forums are still infected. EMI remains tightlipped about the situation, which is pretty weird, because the attack concerns thousands of fans.

Update added September 10, 2010:

The forums are still down, but Parlophone has tweeted that they're currently repairing the main site, parlophone.co.uk. That's a step forward!

Update added September 10, 2010:

Official Blur forums (partly) fixed!

I am truly happy to say that forums.blur.co.uk is back online! Apparently, the database was not harmed in the process as all the previous posts are still there and there is no need to re-register.

However, the forum is working quite slowly and you'll get an error message while trying to delete your own posts (I posted a simple "test" message, which I was unable to delete afterwards!).

Sadly, the official Graham Coxon forum is still down.

EDIT: Now the people are getting the HTTP 404 - File Not Found error when trying to enter the forum.

Update added September 16, 2010:

Working 100%

In case you're still avoiding forums.blur.co.uk or related EMI forums, I can confirm they are virus-free and working perfectly now. The possible block messages in Firefox and Chrome browsers are dated (they may take a while to get updated to the current state).

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