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September 3, 2010 - vblurpage.com:

Graham to act in dark thriller

A shot from the teaser of Mawken
A shot from the teaser of Mawken

Gazette & Herald reports that Graham Coxon will act in filmmaker Steve Nesbit's next film, Mawken. The shooting begins in Harrogate in North Yorkshire later this year.

Mawken will be a dark thriller about a vet who moves to work in a North Yorkshire village. Nesbit has already published
a teaser on Vimeo [link down] which features Coxon doing the voice-over of a vet. (So, according to common logic, he will act as a vet, but you never know!)

The film will be a part of Nesbit's Curio film series featuring the same cast and locations. The award-winning first film in the series (simply entitled Curio) features a soundtrack by Coxon and is scheduled to be released in the Easter next year. A third film is already in the planning stages.

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