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June 7, 2010 - vblurpage.com:

Graham records his eight studio album

Graham Coxon has recorded 15 tracks for his new studio album. The band [probably featuring the players from Happiness In Magazines and Love Travels At Illegal Speeds era] have already spent two weeks in the studio creating "sonically broken and fucked experience".

Graham described the album on his official forums [link down]:

Its like a night out... terriffic highs... shit trawling lows ...but overall a machinated bleak apocolyptically sonically broken and fucked experience...i am very excited about it.

Again a big room full of toys.... and ispirations from the mid 70s and mid 80s...roughly... i have been trying to play like a robot that has water in its wires...resisiting recording/on air red light tension and playing like a painter...notes not important...its vibe vibe vibe...bum notes accidental noise...with no housework afterwards....it really is i think the closest i have got to the noise in my head...ever.

You may sob, get shit scared and dance to this record...all is possible, all at the same time... we intend to do a little more...around another 2 weeks then....well, thats it.

Graham's soundtrack for Curio

An advert for the movie Curio
An advert for the movie Curio

IMDb has revealed some new material about the movie, which features a soundtrack created by Graham Coxon. The movie, called Curio, is a "visceral" supernatural thriller set in the English countryside. The movie is written and directed by newcomer Steve Nesbit and features actors Jennifer Bryer and Wayne Russell.

Check out the Curio trailer [link down] and 12-minute interview with Graham [link down] for his views about the movie and creating its organic ambient soundtrack.

Although filmed in early 2009, there are still no release date set for the movie or soundtrack. A comprehensive Google search didn't reveal anymore details about the movie and the production company's supposed website (curiofilms.co.uk) seems to be down at the moment (or not yet launched).

Update added August 2, 2010:

New Graham album recorded

Graham posted on 27th July 2010 some more details about his upcoming studio album. The album is finished apart from the mixing and will feature around 20 tracks.

The following quotes have been edited out from the guitarist's official forums [link down]:

oh frig... finished...un mixed..like organic bread with flippin brazille nuts in...its crunchy.. its the best LP ever made...oh yes it is... its been quicker to record than the last one... [...] i am both proud of the lyrics and ashamed...it is irrisponsible and highly sentimental... [...] i done all the handy work myself...apart from some bits..and i sorry but i shocked at the sound...i tried every instrument i like..and then got in people who could play them better...

everytime i listen to the rough mixes of the now 21 song strong album i get a bit weird...cus...unlike spinny top which i knew in my bones for years, theres been such incredibly strong surprises in these songs for me..

Apparently, the album is produced by Ben Hillier, whose earlier works include Graham's The Golden D and Blur's Think Tank. The album is expected to be released later this year (or early next year) on some other label than Transgressive.

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