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October 10, 2009 - vblurpage.com:

Black Book sums up the live history of Blur

Black Book: The Live History Of Blur
Black Book: The Live History Of Blur
by Drew Athans

Probably the most exciting book release since Alex James' autobiography is Black Book: The Live History Of Blur that was published yesterday
(Oct 9).

The book features over two hundred Blur live performance reviews; every single gig that is available as a live recording is reviewed in the book. Accompanying the reviews are the setlists and sound quality ratings for each show, plus the song and tour date lists.

The book is written and published by Drew Athans, a PhD chemist and a die-hard Blur fan from Boston. He says that the work on the book began in 2003 and was finally finished this year.

"I hope they'll all [Blur fans] find this interesting and useful, and I hope I've created the definitive book on live Blur and can do justice to Luis Rey's Led Zeppelin Live," says Drew.

The sample review from the 440-page book is available here: Reading Festival 1993. The book costs $20 and is available to buy through Amazon or CreateSpace.

Drew says he is currently seeking out new Blur live recordings and an updated edition of the book is expected in a few years time.

"This is a project that is truly a labor of love, as well as a bit of an obsession! It's my hobby and I'm sure I'll be working at it for a long time to come."

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