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May 15, 2009 - BBC 6 Music:

Gorillaz update

Damon Albarn has more than enough songs for new album

Damon Albarn
Damon popped in to play new Gorillaz demos on BBC Radio 1 in January 2009.

The manager of Blur and Gorillaz, Chris Morrison says Damon Albarn has so much work in progress that he could almost produce two albums.

Speaking to 6 Music from the Great Escape festival in Brighton, Morrison said: "He's got a plethora of tracks at the moment.

ďWhether they all make the light of day or get refined and come down to a normal amount you get on a record of 10 to 15 tracks, I cant tell at this point in time.  It's far too early in the stage of what we are doing."

The bands first album, 2001's Gorillaz, sold over seven million copies and put the virtual music band firmly on the map.

Morrison said itís too early to say how the next Gorillaz album will span out.

ďItíll come round when itís ready and when itís been finished and when heís happy with what heís done,Ē he explained. ďThere is no point putting art round schedules, you put schedules round art and what you need first of all is Damonís music.Ē

He also remained tight-lipped as to when it might see the light.

ďThe plan for the new Gorillaz album is weíll wait until Damonís finished recording it,Ē he said.

Adding: ďThe thing is, itís formulating at the moment and itís going to be out in about a yearís time.  I hope. Iím probably pre-empting something Iíll get shouted at for.

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