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March 20, 2009 - vblurpage.com:

Damon writes music for the culture exhibition

'It Felt Like a Kiss'

Damon Albarn has composed a score for the production called It Felt Like a Kiss that will premiere this summer at Manchester International Festival.

Created by Adam Curtis and theatre company Punchdrunk, It Felt Like a Kiss is a five-floor promenade that aims to show the positive and negative sides of American pop culture in the 60's.

Damon's score will appear as a background music for the show. The score will be pre-recorded by Kronos Quartet, a pioneering U.S.-based string quartet formed in 1973.

It Felt Like a Kiss will run at Hardman Square in Manchester on 2-19th July 2009. Tickets are priced at 25. For more details about the production, visit
Manchester International Festival website.

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