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February 3, 2008 - vblurpage.com:

Graham writes concept album

Graham Coxon has spoken to BBC 6 Music about his new studio album, which he claims to be a concept record.

"It's about a man who is born in um, possibly the fifties. Grows up, meets a girl, gets married, then has to go to war and gets really knackered up and then has a divorce and then goes mad and then er dies and goes to heaven."

Speaking at the launch of the Crisis Consequences [link down] charity campaign, he hoped the album would be released in the summer.

"I'm going to record in a couple of weeks and then release it really and that’s it. I am just gonna sit and wait for the sun to come out."

Crisis Consequences
Graham (on the right) at the launch of Crisis Consequences
on the South Bank midweek.

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