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October 3, 2007 - vblurpage.com:

Alex: 'Rumours of another Blur record are greatly exaggerated'

Alex, Damon, Dave and Graham met on Monday to discuss about the future of Blur. Alex told the meeting went well, but the band won't be returning to the studio soon.

"Rumours of another Blur record are greatly exaggerated, but that lunch happened yesterday," Alex wrote in his regular The Independent column [link down] (spotted by saltandgin at the official Blur forums).

He continued: "Lunch was nice. It was just lunch. There are no immediate plans to go into the studio, but they all liked my cheese."

Update added October 5, 2007:

A message at blur.co.uk says: "In light of recent press speculation, blur.co.uk would like to confirm that, Alex, Damon, Dave and Graham met for an enjoyable lunch on Monday, but there are currently no other music plans for Blur."

Graham has commented the meeting went well and they're all becoming friends again, although Blur isn't that important part of their lives anymore.

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