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September 8, 2007 - vblurpage.com

Dave: 'Blur will record in the first week of October'

Dave RowntreeAfter much speculation, Dave Rowntree has revealed that Blur will enter the studio in October. He told The London Paper: "We're all having a trial session in the first week of October."

"We can get to know each other again and see how we get on ... Many years have passed but the signs are good," he added.

When asked if there will be another Blur record, Dave replied: "If it happens it happens. People think we've got a plan, but if we're making a new record we'd be trumpeting it from the rooftops."

Thanks to Fabulously_Lazy, the full interview can be read at the official Blur forums [link down].

Meanwhile, Dave has written an article for The Guardian about the drug use in the UK and adds his own experiences to the mix as well.

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