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October 2, 2006 - vblurpage.com:

GBQ album tracklisting revealed

Thanks to 2-J for scanning the new The Good, The Bad & The Queen article from the November's issue of Uncut. The article contains an interview with Damon Albarn and Paul Simonon plus an exclusive track-by-track review of the album that is written below.

1. History Song - "Sunday's lost in melancholy" sings Albarn over eerie organ and acoustic guitar on a track inspired by the origins of the expression "hangers on" - people who'd cling to the body of those condemned to hang to shorten their agony.

2. '80s Life - Chopsticks piano, clipped arpeggios and doleful vocals on this cryptic, under-the-weather answer to "Unchained Melody".

3. Northern Whale - "It was a love song, saying if you fall in the water I'll turn myself into a northern whale and come and get you," says Albarn of this plinky, lo-fi electronic ballad. "Then, would you Adam-and-Eve it, a northern whale came swimming up the Thames, so it evolved into a song about that."

4. Kingdom Of Doom - "Drink all day 'cos the country's at war" wails Albarn amid cavernous early Floyd-style reverb on this self-proclaimed "love song for the collaboration".

5. Herculean - A surreal, trip-hoppy homage to Ewan McColl's "Dirty Old Town", complete with canals, gasworks, ominous strings and premonitions of Armageddon.

6. Behind The Sun - Bleak skies, baleful gales and spy-movie guitars clear to reveal a sunnily upbeat chorus on this touching, frail ballad.

7. The Bunting Song - A twinkling pastoral lullaby which nevertheless suggests that "the days are a ticking bomb".

8. Nature Springs - "Oceanographers are charting the rise of the seas" while submarines "search for a dream far away" on this pretty, shuffling ballad, full of birdsong and violins.

9. A Soldier's Tale - Acoustic guitars, gliding strings, the calm of twilight and the overwhelming relief that there's "no drunken stuff spewing out of my mouth".

10. Three Changes - A jazzy wamp of fairground organ and fidgety drums breaks down to a loping skank while Albarn complains that we are "living in magazines / We're looking for a reason why people stand all alone in the night."

11. Green Fields - Originally donated to Marianne Faithfull, this beautiful Kinksy love song despairs of how "the green fields turned into stone" and concludes that "it's honesty that secures the bond in the heart".

12. The Good, The Bad & The Queen - A surreal knees-up round a knackered old joanna that celebrates how the same sun cheers both Queen and crackheads - before building up to a psychotic guitar wig-out.

The album is expected to be released in January 2007. The debut single "Herculean" is out on October 30.

Meanwhile, GBQ have announced a couple of warm-up gigs in Devon before they perform at the BBC's Electric Proms festival. The band will play:

Oct 20 - East Prawle - Pignose
Oct 21 - Exeter - Cavern
Oct 22 - Ilfracombe - Marlboro Club

All of the dates have been already sold out, but you can still win the tickets.

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