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November 20, 2002 - vblurpage.com:

Stephen Street visits Devon

Alex James has revealed in his new diary entry at www.blur.co.uk that the band have now 17 tracks finished. He also revealed some of the things that happened during the past week in Devon. William Orbit quickly visited to do some decorating on some tracks and "the American dudes" arrived. Also, the former Blur producer Stephen Street popped in and talked about old days and Graham.

"Stephen Street - what a beauty. He came in his natty sports car. He beat me at pool. We talked about old days and Graham. The American dudes came too. They like the really mental stuff," Alex wrote in his diary.

"There is a drumkit going up and guitars being tuned. It’s time to groove the mash. Captain Hillier has mixed 17 tracks now. The song now known as "Elton John’s cock" has been formally scrapped. Song 15 makes the hairs stand up. Get ready."

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