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November 14, 2002 - dotmusic.com:

Blur drop the Bomb!

A new single by Blur was released this week on limited edition white label vinyl, dotmusic can exclusively confirm.

The track, entitled 'Don't Drop The Bomb When You're The Bomb', was recorded in September and is the first post-Graham Coxon material ever released by the group.

Although the title on the new single is written in Arabic, a spokesperson for Blur has confirmed to dotmusic that the record is indeed by Blur.

"It's something they talked about doing, and they've done it", she explained.

Earlier this year, frontman Damon Albarn revealed plans to put out a white label single, perhaps under a pseudonym, before the end of the year.

"It might take a few people by surprise," he said at the time. "We're hoping people play it not knowing who it is".

However, the track - which has now been played by Radio 1's Evening Session and London station XFM - is unlikely to go undetected and is almost certain to end up a rare and valuable collector's item.

Meanwhile, Blur's spokesperson has told dotmusic there is still no release date for Blur's hugely anticipated new album, though it's hoped the record will be completed by early 2003.

They could not confirm whether of not the white label single would be included on the album.

The track itself appears to be Damon Albarns much-anticipated musical riposte to the current military conflict gripping the West.

It also signals the first new material since the departure of guitarist Graham Coxon. Significantly, there is a notable lack of 'classic' guitar work, replaced by an abstract, compelling and utterly uncommercial sonic adventure.

Even further 'out' than the sprawling 'Music Is My Radar', and the likes of 'Battle' or 'Trimm Trabb', the track is built upon an unpredictable electro-pop canvas, driven by a throbbing, insistent sub-bass swell.

The random clanging, amateur R2D2 FX and shuddering processed 'guitar' gurgles eventually make way for a widescreen chorus, which is unmistakenly Albarn, uttering the title, against a shuttling percussive backdrop.

With production that sounds far closer to William Orbit than Fatboy Slim, ultimately, 'Dont Drop The Bomb When You're The Bomb' makes Radiohead's 'Kid A' sound like Top Of The Pops fare.

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