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November 13, 2002 - dotmusic.com:

Blur in Orbit

Acclaimed producer William Orbit is to join Blur in Devon today to work on the final stages of their forthcoming album.

The band, who have been holed up in the Devonshire countryside for the last three weeks, say they have now mixed a total of 13 tracks, with a further six waiting to be finished.

According to bassist Alex James, all the "grooves and structures" of the album are complete with mostly vocal work left to do, alongside this week's input from Orbit.

"My how far we've come," James said yesterday. "There was a rumour circulating in these parts that William Orbit is actually now just a brain connected to an ADSL line.

"He hasn't been seen for some time. The rumours are untrue and he's arriving on Tuesday. I love William and he is a genius."

Meanwhile, the band have offered fans another insight into the sound of the new LP by referring to a "gentle, sad number" recorded by Damon in the open air outside the studio.

Speaking on Blur's official website, James revealed that the track featured the line, "There, it's the killer", and described it as, "the hairs on the back of the neck line."

"It's quite a workman like process at this stage," he said of the album production. "You know what you've got to do. To start with, you have no idea, but the jelly sets."

Blur's hugely anticipated new album is due to be released in the UK in early 2003.

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