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September 13, 2002 - dotmusic.com:

Rowntree downs sticks

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree is to stand for election to the Musicians' Union's (MU) governing body because he wants to "fight politically for people in bands".

Rowntree is to stand for election for one of the union's London branches on October 18 and, if successful, will be installed on November 11.

He told The Stage newspaper that a "loathsome and vile" letter from the British Phonographic Institute to record companies had prompted his decision.

Rowntree explained: "The BPI doesn't represent people in bands. It works with and is entirely controlled by record companies and quite often their interests are at odds with bands."

Rowntree, who has been nominated by Blur's bassist Alex James, added: "If any one organisation should be well placed to fight for people in bands it is the Musicians' Union.

"I think it needs to include pop musicians, who should take a more active role in the MU and the union should be reflecting their concerns."

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