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January 17, 2002 - dotmusic.com:

Brit flop

Blur's new album will not be released this summer, despite tabloid reports to the contrary, dotmusic can confirm.

The Sun newspaper today reported that Damon Albarn and co were due to enter a second chart battle with Britpop rivals Oasis, with both bands due to release highly anticipated albums in June.

However, a spokesperson for Blur told dotmusic the band were a long way off completing their album, and that a 2002 release date was merely a possibility.

Blur are said to have been working on the new long player since late last year though the success of Damon's side project, Gorillaz, has slowed down progress considerably.

Oasis' forthcoming album, which has the working title of 'Heathen Chemistry', is likely to be released this summer, though no final release date has been scheduled.

Meanwhile, in other Blur-related news, Gorillaz are ready to embark upon their first tour of North America, kicking-off with a gig in Toronto on February 23.

Rolling Stone today reported that the band would be releasing 'G-Sides' in the US next month, an album said to feature Gorillaz b-sides, remixes and two brand new tracks.

However, Blur's press office have told dotmusic that no new tracks or remixes are included on the compilation, which is a Japanese release.

There are no plans to release 'G-Sides' in the UK.

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