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Paul Weller & Graham Coxon
This Old Town
I don't know what I'd find
If I could only see
Wouldn't ever let no secret
Bleed me dry by the bit of me

It's a good job you don't count on me
'Cause you never see the change I see
I never could keep no secret
Break a promise and you're free

This old town won't let you go
Scratch your feelings in your soul
But there's no turning back
Just forward now

These haunted halls bring melodies
So sweet and tender, all life needs
I could forgive it everything is true
Just take a look or two

It doesn't seem so long ago
I heard somebody sing
Through a dirty basement window
Drinking down bloody bottle green

Now I just wanna get on through
I've never quite been able to
Couldn't ever find a secret
Maybe I've got the one I need


I been waiting a long a long time
To shoot this queue and get out of line
Like a secret in blue jeans
To see if I can find my mind


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