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Unreleased Tracks

Tracks that haven't been released officially by a record company. Every title remains unheard by the public, unless otherwise stated. Please note that the list is in no way complete.

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Two's A Crowd
Damon & Sam Vamplew era recordings (1987):
  • Reck Me
  • Let's Get Together
  • Big Religion
  • Can't Live Without You
  • Since You've Been Gone
  • Day 1
  • Bitter Sweet
  • Free The World
  • Red Club
  • China Doll
  • Metro
  • Running
  • Waiting

"Bitter Sweet" was released on the unofficial D+G Song Jam 1987 recording that also contains early demos of "Hippy Children", "There I Go Again" and "Waiting". Please note that some of the titles above might be Damon's solo recordings.

recordings (1988 - Jan 1989):

  • There She Goes
  • This Is The World
  • Fast Food
  • Hippy Children
  • That Must Be Me
  • Black Rain Town
  • Buddha In The Bathroom
  • One Day
  • Wonderful
  • I Met Her In A Hotel
  • Put Me To Bed
  • Jesus Christ
  • Drive
  • Heaven
  • There I Go Again
  • Burden Of These Dreams
  • Simple Sin
  • The Rain
  • Seal Requiem
  • Fountain Head
  • Jane
  • Salvation**
  • Happy House**
  • Elizabeth**
  • She Said**

Several tracks were released on the unofficial Damon Albarn - Unheard memorabilia collection. "Hippy Children" was also released illegally as MP3. Please note that some of the titles might be Damon's solo recordings.

* Circus was initially formed by Tom Aitkenhead and Eddie Deedigan, who were soon joined by Damon Albarn. Later Dave Rowntree joined the band and then Graham Coxon. After the departure of a couple of members, Alex James joined Circus which then evolved into Seymour.

** First demos to include Graham on guitar. Recorded in January 1989 or possibly earlier.

recordings (1989):

  • Fed Up
  • Here I Am
  • She's So High (Demo)



sessions (1991):

  • Come Together (Mike Thorne session)
  • Repetition (Mike Thorne session)

Modern Life Is Rubbish
sessions (1992):

  • Demoed by Damon
    • 1992
    • Blue Jeans
    • Pleasant Education
    • Singular Charm
  • Video Killed The Radio Star

      "Pleasant Education" was aired on Blur-radio.com in 2000.

Popular Community Song CD
sessions (1993):

  • For Old Times' Sake (possibly deleted)

sessions (1993):

  • Demos
    • Magpie (Demoed by Damon)
    • To The End (with Justine Frischmann)
    • Tracy Jacks
    • Why Has The Signature Of 3/4 Become Obsolete In The Late 20th Century? (a.k.a. Anniversary Waltz)
  • The Universal (Calypso version)
  • Original, 30-minute version of Red Necks

      "Why Has The Signature..." was broadcast on Mark Goodier's Evening Session in 1993. "Magpie"
      was available for a listen at the Blur:X exhibition in 1999. The rest of the Parklife demos leaked
      to the internet in 2007.

The Great Escape
sessions (1995):

  • Saturday Morning (Instrumental)

      The instrumental was available for a listen at Blur:X exhibition in 1999.

sessions (1996):

  • You're So Great (Graham's home demo)

      The demo was available for a listen at Blur:X exhibition in 1999.

sessions (1998):

  • Death Metal (30-minute version and 12-minute edit)
  • No Distance Left To Run (recorded in Barcelona in 1997)

      "Caramel (Ambient Version)" was aired on Blur-radio.com in 2000.

Think Tank
sessions (2002):

  • Ambulance (Demo)
  • Crazy Beat (Demo recorded with Bill Laswell)
  • Money Makes Me Crazy (multiple versions)
  • Saturday
  • Sweet Song (Demo featuring Dave's rap)




  • Mario Caldato Jr. Mixes (1997)
    • Chinese Bombs
    • Song 2
  • Beetlebum (Moby's Slow Mix) (1997)
  • Beetlebum (Moby's Dictaphone) (1997)
  • Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb (William Orbit Mix) (2003)
  • Girls & Boys (Remix by The Beatmasters) (1994)

      "Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb (William Orbit Mix)" was played on Xfm radio and
      William Orbit's website.


  • Sub Species Of An American Day (recorded by Blur in 2005)
  • Under The Westway (William Orbit's version) (2012)
  • A spoken word piece recorded by Michael Horowitz and Blur in 2011
  • Sunnyside Farm (1997 TV series theme by Damon and Phil Daniels, credited to Blur)
  • There Is Mean Things Happening In This Land (John Handcox cover by Graham Coxon, recorded for the TV series Traitors (2019))
  • A collaboration track by Damon and Tricky (1995)
  • Damon's Nigeria record (2004)
  • WigWam album (2005)

      William Orbit leaked his version of "Under The Westway" on SoundCloud on 12th July 2012.
        "Sunnyside Farm" and "There Is Mean Things Happening In This Land" were broadcast on TV.

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