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Graham Coxon live at Garage, 2000


   That's All I Wanna Do
   Jamie Thomas
   The Fear
   Fame And Fortune
   I Wish
   Leave Me Alone
   That's When I Reach For My
   Fags And Failure
   Don't Think About Always
   Who The Fuck?
   Min Trampolin (Bob Hund cover)
   My Idea Of Hell

Date: 10 July 2000
Venue: Garage
Location: Glasgow, UK
Support: ?
Attendance: ?
Tour: The Golden D

  • Graham Coxon's first ever solo gig and the beginning of his mini UK tour.
  • On the tour, Graham's band used different names for each night, including The Longsmiths, Prr, The Roxons and V-18's. In Glasgow, they were known as The Longsmiths.
  • Dave Rowntree played drums on the tour. The full lineup of the band:
    • Graham Coxon - vocals/guitar
    • Rod Jones - guitar
    • Toby Mcfarlaine - bass
    • Dave Rowntree - drums

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