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Blur live at MODE, 2015


   Lonesome Street
   New World Towers
   Go Out
   Ice Cream Man
   Thought I Was A Spaceman
   I Broadcast
   My Terracotta Heart
   There Are Too Many Of Us
   Ghost Ship
   Ong Ong

   - - Encore - -
   Trouble In The Message Centre


Blur performing at the earlier private gig
Blur performing at the earlier private gig.

Screenshot of the stream
The gig was streamed twice on Beats by Dre's YouTube channel on March 25. All songs were shown except "Ice Cream Man" and "Ghost Ship" which had technical difficulties, according to Blur HQ. The screenshot is from the first stream.

Ticket competitions were on the following websites: blur.co.uk (75 pairs), BST Hyde Park, Beats by Dre, YPlan and Graham Coxon Forums. XFM radio also gave away a few pairs of tickets.

Date: 20 March 2015 at 19:00 (private gig at 15:00)
Venue: MODE
Location: London, UK
Support: none
Attendance: 300
Tour: The Magic Whip

  • A free fan show at a secret club (Berlin-styled and located almost under the Westway).
  • The live premiere of the entire The Magic Whip album, including the only ever live performance of "Ice Cream Man".
  • The audience consisted of 200 competition winners and around 100 invited guests/fans.
  • "Trouble In The Message Centre" played live for the first time since 1995.
  • Another performance took place earlier on the day mainly for family and friends. This show had the same setlist.
  • Damon arrived to the club in an ice cream van he had bought (later, the van was used to promote The Magic Whip).
  • Additional musicians:
    • Mike Smith - keyboards
    • Karl Vanden Bossche - percussion
    • Demon Strings
    • Backing vocals by Wendi Rose, Janet Ramus, Wayne Hernandez and an unknown male



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