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Blur live at Mile End Stadium, 1995


   The Debt Collector
   Tracy Jacks
   Sunday Sunday
   Chemical World
   End Of A Century
   She's So High
   Globe Alone
   Supa Shoppa
   Magic America
   Country House
   To The End

   - - 1st Encore - -
   Girls & Boys
   Far Out
   Bank Holiday
   For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose
       Hill Extended)

   - - 2nd Encore - -
   Parklife (with Phil Daniels)
   Daisy Bell (with Phil Daniels)
   This Is A Low

Date: 17 June 1995
Venue: Mile End Stadium
Place: London, UK
Support: The Boo Radleys, Sparks, John Shuttleworth, Dodgy, The Cardiacs and The Shanakies

  • One of the most famous Blur gigs; held to over 27,000 people at the height of Blur mania
  • Broadcast by BBC Radio 1
  • "Girls & Boys", "Parklife" and "For Tomorrow" were released as B-sides to Country House
  • The only known live performance of "Far Out"
  • "The Debt Collector" played as the intro song; Damon entered the stage in the old man costume!


Damon at Mile End
Damon at Mile End

Concert poster
Concert poster

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