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Blur live at Alexandra Palace, 1994


   (Getta Bloomin' Move On! by
      Quincy Jones)
   Lot 105
   Sunday Sunday
   Tracy Jacks
   Magic America
   End Of A Century
   Trouble In The Message Centre
   She's So High
   For Tomorrow
   Chemical World
   There's No Other Way
   A snippet of 'The Pink Panther
   To The End

   1st Encore:
   Supa Shoppa
   Mr. Robinson's Quango
   Parklife (with Phil Daniels)

   2nd Encore:
   Girls & Boys
   Bank Holiday
   This Is A Low


Parklife October UK tour programme
October's Parklife UK tour programme
(including a Blur rosette).

Date: 7 October 1994 at 18:30 (doors)
Venue: Alexandra Palace
Location: London, UK
Support: Corduroy, Supergrass and Pulp. DJs: Paul & Andy of Blow Up.
Attendance: 8,000
Tour: Parklife

  • Filming of Showtime live video and End Of A Century promo video. For some reason, "For Tomorrow" was left out of Showtime.
  • Just before the gig, there was
    a bingo game: the audience were given bingo tickets with the prize "A Night Out With Blur". Naturally, everyone was the winner. :-)


Concert ticket
Concert ticket
(from Ally Pally Collectibles).

An advert for the gig in Select magazine
(from The new album from... with thanks to Moritz).

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