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Blur live at Alexandra Palace, 1994


   (Getta Bloomin' Move On! by
      Quincy Jones)
   Lot 105
   Sunday Sunday
   Tracy Jacks
   Magic America
   End Of A Century
   Trouble In The Message Centre
   She's So High
   For Tomorrow
   Chemical World
   There's No Other Way
   A snippet of 'The Pink Panther
   To The End

   - - 1st Encore - -
   Supa Shoppa
   Mr. Robinson's Quango
   Parklife (with Phil Daniels)

   - - 2nd Encore - -
   Girls & Boys
   Bank Holiday
   This Is A Low


Parklife October UK tour programme
October's Parklife UK tour programme
(including a Blur rosette).

Date: 7 October 1994 at 18:30 (doors)
Venue: Alexandra Palace
Location: London, UK
Support: Corduroy, Supergrass and Pulp. DJs: Paul & Andy of Blow Up.
Attendance: 8,000
Tour: Parklife

  • Filming of Showtime live video and End Of A Century promo video. For some reason, "For Tomorrow" was left out of Showtime.
  • Just before the gig, there was
    a bingo game: the audience were given bingo tickets with the prize "A Night Out With Blur". Naturally, everyone was the winner. :-)
  • The intro song, "Getta Bloomin' Move On!", was possibly played also at some other gigs on the tour of October.


Concert ticket
Concert ticket
(from Ally Pally Collectibles).

An advert for the gig in Select magazine
(from The new album from... with thanks to Moritz).

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