Damon in France 'for the better part of the next two years'

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Re: Damon in France 'for the better part of the next two yea

Postby aldamasta » 13 Jul 2017, 05:14

Forever Low Man wrote:
aldamasta wrote:especially since Jamie has recently followed Adult Swim on insta...

called it.

i read somewhere that tomorrow comes today and clint eastwood being aired in adult swim's toonami block way back when helped boost their american popularity.

Oh yeah, there are hundreds of stories online about people discovering Gorillaz through Toonami. It definitely helped. Adult Swim is the best place for a Gorillaz tv show, so I couldn't be more excited to see how that turns out.

daii wrote:the TGTBTQ album will have to come out after April 2018 because here in south america is being rumored that gorillaz will headline lollapalooza (Brasil, Chile, Argentina) in March.

I'm all for Gorillaz continuing on into 2018. It would certainly be interesting having them headline SA lolla. Perhaps that means they'll be headlining some major US festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Gov Ball, Lolla?) that many people were hoping they'd headline this year. More tour dates are always welcome for me! And it would make sense for Gorillaz to take up 2018 because that's when the show is supposed to air, so surely that'll be taking a lot of time from Jamie and Damon (if Damon does indeed do a soundtrack of sorts for it.)
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Re: Damon in France 'for the better part of the next two yea

Postby rich » 13 Jul 2017, 21:01

perhaps the two years in France was a bit of an 'herring rouge' - the project (ie the TV show) will be put together over two years in France by Jamie, but - as we know - Damon can compose and record anywhere in the world...
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Re: Damon in France 'for the better part of the next two yea

Postby Mallard No. 22 » 13 Jul 2017, 21:55

Damon - always a step :arrow: or two :arrow: :arrow: ahead of everyone :)
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Re: Damon in France 'for the better part of the next two yea

Postby daii » 15 Jul 2017, 14:08

A new project in Paris
Damon Albarn likes to vary the pleasures and to keep himself occupied. He reveals he is working on a project for the theater of the Chatelet in Paris, “a trick really interesting,” he enthuses, without giving too much detail and would be for 2019. Albarn had already presented the pop opera Monkey , Journey to the West (2007), as well as wonder.land (2016), a new-style musical inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
https://damonalbarnunofficial.wordpress ... july-2017/
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