Memories You Associate Music With

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Memories You Associate Music With

Post by tom_cas1 » 09 Apr 2015, 14:45

I'm sure everyone gets this, but there are a number of songs/albums I listen to that take me back to certain periods in time. I thought it would be nice to create a thread specifically for that. For example:

The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

I listened to this album non-stop when I went on holiday to Korčula in Croatia 5/6 years ago. Now every time I listen to it I think of being there, walking around the streets and sitting looking out over the ocean with a cold beer. The memories are so vivid, it's wonderful.

The Rentals - Return Of The Rentals

This album takes me back to 2007 when my girlfriend at the time lived near Portsmouth. I remember driving to hers with this album playing in my stereo. To this day I recall which street I was on when I was driving, just by listening to certain songs. Really great memories.
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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by TripleJay97 » 09 Apr 2015, 18:01

Well I associate most music with my paper round, because that's the only time I get to listen to albums properly. But I associate The Smiths with my current girlfriend, Nine Inch Nails with the previous one and David Bowie with the one before that :roll:

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by AdvertBreak » 09 Apr 2015, 18:08

I have so many I wouldn't know where to begin. My life is built on nostalgia, so I'll just stick to Blur and say On Your Own reminds me of a visit to Cheddar Gorge and Song 2 and Parklife often make me think about when I was little and used to listen to music in the conservatory with my dad.

Also this is somewhat off topic but no one I know irl is the same.. does anyone ever somewhat subconsciously picture somewhere in their mind whilst playing or music or whatever really, normally changing per day. For example last week I was picturing a road near where I live that I had been down that day (though obviously not the only road I had) whilst listening to music. I find it hard not to picture it as a backing because its like getting a song stuck in your head. I know this is strange af but...

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by Rubi » 09 Apr 2015, 18:11

Sometimes it's just random memories that get stuck in your head. Like, I remember listening to Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP when I was playing Medievil 2 on the PS1 all those years ago, or SFA's Rings Around the World when I was walking back home one night from a friend's. I distinctly remember those moments and associate them with what I was listening to, even though they're pretty worthless and don't hold any value. Strange how the brain works.

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by 101reykjavik » 09 Apr 2015, 19:05

Loads of these like everyone else.

First random one that comes to mind? It's nothing cool, but a real memory nonetheless. Being driven to school in 1989 and Swing Out Sister's 'Breakout' being played on Simon Mayo's Radio One breakfast show. Always makes me think of being in that Mini on the way to school...

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by mr_spenalzo » 09 Apr 2015, 20:36

There are so many. Music's always been around me soundtracking stuff since I was 7.

One song I cannot hear without getting gigantic throat lumps is "Melody" by Molly Johnson. It reminds me of a particular autumn now more than 10 years ago. I'd (stupidly) lost a job; came back from a holiday feeling I'd met a soulmate, someone that understood how miserable I were, only to gradually lose contact again; a relationship that was faltering due to mutual idiocy (though thankfully not for good, and we're still together now!!), reading Crime and Punishment in the park, freezing but not wanting to go home. Not the most miserable time I can remember, but pretty unhappy. This song definitely helped my through this period. Man, adolescence sucks.

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by Legless Owl » 11 Apr 2015, 13:19

Oh yes, there are a lot of albums or songs that I associate to memories: they remind me of special moments or completely banal ones, or of one person in particular.

Most of the time though, it's sad memories.

There is one song I listen to whenever I'm sad, which obviously has happened quite a lot of times since its release in 1998, you could call it my "depression song". It makes me feel worse to listen to it when I'm sad, or it makes me feel very nostalgic and sad to listen to it when I'm fine as it takes me back to all those dark times. Yet I can't help it :mrgreen: It's Pitseleh by Elliott Smith. (same thing happens with "Mr Somewhere" by The Apartments, come to think of it)

There are also songs that I don't particularly like and which are not particularly sad but which make me feel very emotional like "Zelda's lullaby" (yes, from the video games) which I used at my husband's funerals.

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Re: Memories You Associate Music With

Post by Sledge Hammer » 11 Apr 2015, 17:12

Been 42, Blur have been the soundtrack to my adult life, from my earliest memory of them in 1991 when I had proper got into the pub life and seeing them on the video screen in my town's main pub, from losing my 21st birthday watch in the moshpit at Leeds Town And Country Club in fact I could name each song and a memory but that may get boring lol...

The Universal is probably the biggest memory trigger (spoilt by British Gas though! :lol: ) split up with a girl back then and the "just let them go" lyrics hit big didn't stop me though as yet another memory...bought her the special edition pink 7" of Stereotypes for valentines, it was to no avail... :cry: (she was a big Blur fan even booking Milton Keynes tickets 6 months in advance ;) )

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