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Forum Rules

Post by Veikko » 09 Sep 2014, 17:53

Before participating in discussion, please make yourself familiar with these simple guidelines:

1. General
- Try to keep the discussion on-topic.
- Before starting a new topic, check out if there already exists a suitable thread for your post. Please use the forum's search function.
- Use descriptive topic headers for your posts (for example, "Help!!" is not a good title - unless you really and urgently need help).
- Avoid posting the same message in more than one place.
- Please host the images more preferably on your own web space. Forum's own image system is possible to use as a last resort, but please keep the pictures at or under 400kb in size. This is simply to save our limited web space and bandwidth.
- Keep the signatures in small sizes to make the forum more readable. The maximum allowed size for a signature image is 900 x 400 (width x height).

2. What is not allowed on the forum
- Any R-rated material such as pornographic or violent pictures.
- Pictures that are available to buy/license from Alamy, Getty Images, Reuters Pictures or other image service.
- Excessive use of swear words or offensive phrases.
- Excessive trolling/flaming or any other behavior that is offensive to forum members.
- Posting under multiple usernames or impersonation of another person.
- Spamming.
- Linking to phishing/virus sites.

3. Posting and requesting Blur or related songs (in MP3 or any other format)
- Do not deal with tracks which are officially/legally available on a physical format or download. If the track is extremely rare and not available even on YouTube, then you can request it.
- Do not post links to leaked files, such as album tracks which haven't been officially released yet.

4. Banning
1. An initial warning will be given to a member who is not following the rules.
2. If the behavior continues, the member will be banned temporarily (usually for 1 month).
3. A permanent ban will be given if the member breaks the rules again.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay on the forum!

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