New Mods would benefit this community

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Please read my post first. Do we need new mods?

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Afai Red
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New Mods would benefit this community

Post by Afai Red » 31 Jan 2020, 14:35

Off the bat, I'm sure the mods were elected fairly.
Fast forward to 2020, this is the situation..

3 mods, 1 who hasn't posted in over a year. 2 others that never engage in regular discussions, both just about making double figure posts last year, 1 complaining on the lack of interaction, then disappeared.

The way modern mods should act is to help a forum. We all know that this Internet relic is fighting against Variety of platforms in the modern world. So the modern mod should breath life in to a forum, not sit back.

Veikko has been a friend from afar to us for 4 decades now. We need to evolve and help this community grow, but mods should be people we look to to lead us. We haven't had that here in years.

I'm not wanting to be a mod, but I think that there's good people here who could be.

Thank you

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Re: New Mods would benefit this community

Post by stephen » 07 Feb 2020, 13:47

The mods are fine, there's not too much to moderate.

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Re: New Mods would benefit this community

Post by MsMagicAmerica » 25 Mar 2020, 04:49

While I think adding new mods wouldn’t hurt anything, I’m not quiet sure more/different mods will increase the activity on the forum.
I don’t know the answer as to what will make people engage in more topics or post more in general. (Aside from Blur releasing new material)

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Re: New Mods would benefit this community

Post by tom_cas1 » 03 Apr 2020, 04:51

I come on regularly to read posts and enjoy the general discussions in all areas of the Forum. While I may not post as much as I used to, I assure you, I am here all the time and keep a firm eye on things.
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