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BBC Archive

Post by OilyWaters » 22 Jun 2017, 16:47

Ok, so the live download archive is incredibly extensive. I just wondered if there were any BBC recording/concerts/shows that are elusive or poor quality and that people may like? For example, I remember a William Orbit mix of "Don't Bomb" on a radio show which I have a low quality copy of.

The reason I ask is that I might be able to help..

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Re: BBC Archive

Post by elasticaman » 29 Jun 2017, 23:44

only missing ones from my memory are
the jo whiley session video stream from 2003
london astoria bbc video stream fom 2003 (i believe that was broadcast online?)
and This Is A Low from TOTP 2000 (only broadcast on the late night/early morning weekend edition not the tursday/friday edition)

i think everything else is available and in decent quality

there are however a bunch of coxon recordings that arent circulated or arent in good quality

Reading Festival 2000 - Thats when i reach for my revolver (played on lamacq live)
Sean Hughes, 2002: Escape Song
Gideon Coe, 2004: Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery / Bottom Bunk
Mark Radcliffe, 2004: Bottom Bunk / All Over Me
Jo Whiley, 2004: Freakin' Out
Mark Lamarr, August 2006: I Can't Look At Your Skin / Bruton Town
1998.08.17 Lamacq Live, BBC Radio 1 - available but only in a poor quality

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