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Graham Coxon - A+E reviews

Post by Veikko » 13 Mar 2012, 13:00

Professional reviews, in alphabetical order by publication:
  • Maybe the title stands for Artistry plus Excellence. (4/5)
    The Arts Desk

    A+E is by far Graham's finest work to date; a brilliantly inventive and majestically sprawling album.

    Playing all instruments himself, Coxon has created a totality of sound. (Record of the Week)
    Camden New Journal

    A+E represents a finer modern contribution than any of the other Blur boys...unless you count Farleigh Wallop cheese of course! (4/5)

    Coxon can't help but make accessible, catchy tunes. (4/5)
    Digital Spy

    This is Graham Coxon at his most uninhibited and confident. (9/10)

    Although the steer towards more dance-friendly aesthetics reaps significant pay-off, this isn't an album with the clout to feature high on many playlists come the summer months. (6/10)
    Drowned In Sound

    A melée of hyperactive, furious guitars and hypnotic introspection, A+E gives indie a welcome shot in the arm. (4/5)

    It's pretty hard not to love Graham Coxon. (4.5/5)
    The Fly

    The Blur guitarist's best solo effort yet is a satisfying reversion to art-punk mode. (4/5)
    Financial Times

    Coxon's wilfully abrasive eighth solo album might bring him full circle, but it also sends him spiralling into thrilling new territory. (4/5)
    The Guardian


    A+E finds him reverting to the lo-fi strategies of earlier solo outings. (2/5)
    The Independent

    An accomplished and complex effort. Give it time, though – Coxon covers a lot of ground. (3/5)
    The Irish Times

    Graham may have found his most effective delivery method yet.
    The Line Of Best Fit

    Perversely sad, danceable, funny and despondent songs. (4/5)
    London Evening Standard

    Loud And Quiet

    A+E isn't an entirely easy listen, but the energy and verve that Coxon brings to these tracks augur well for Blur's latest reformation. (3/5)
    Mail Online


    It might take some contortions, but this will do the trick. (3/5)

    A hugely exciting album that forges new ground for its maker to stride forth over. (4/5)

    Coxon has made one of the best albums of his career - a pop record with dangerously anti-social tendencies. (9/10)

    Sophisticated it's not but, by and large, it's thrilling, the guitarist's zest for life evident throughout. (3/5)
    The Observer

    You're left wishing the album drew a little more blood to make the stay truly worthwhile. (6.7/10)

    A+E might reinforce the idea of Coxon as Blur's most playfully petulant member, but he sounds like he's having more fun than ever. (4/5)
    Q Magazine

    The guitarist's eighth solo record leaves Blur and Gorillaz sprawling in its dust, laying down the new template for modern rock music. (5/5)
    The Scotsman

    A+E doesn’t quite have the strength of songwriting to place it among Coxon’s best work. (3/5)
    The Skinny

    A deep, clever and immersive album that demands the listener pay attention.

    The Sun

    [...] you realise that these tracks are as strong as any material either Coxon or Blur have released.

    4/5 (Album of the Month)
    Total Guitar

    Loud and lively, fast and fuzzy, this scattering of creative energy is the most persuasive solo record Coxon has released. (8/10)

    The old band might be calling him back but Graham Coxon isn't about to come quietly. (4/5)
    Virgin Media
Positive: 25 (76%)
Mixed: 7 (21%)
Negative: 1 (3%)

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Re: Graham Coxon - A+E reviews

Post by rod97 » 29 Apr 2014, 13:27

Hi, could you upload in MP3 format "You & I [Live In Brighton]" by Graham Coxon, please?

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Re: Graham Coxon - A+E reviews

Post by Veikko » 30 Apr 2014, 12:11

rod97 wrote:Hi, could you upload in MP3 format "You & I [Live In Brighton]" by Graham Coxon, please?
Hello, sorry I don't have this song in MP3 or any other format.

For future posts, please make a new topic or post to a relevant thread. Thank you! :)

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