Rocket Juice & The Moon album reviews

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Rocket Juice & The Moon album reviews

Post by Veikko » 13 Mar 2012, 12:45

Professional reviews, in alphabetical order by publication:
  • A shockingly listenable mixtape session. (B+)
    A.V. Club

    This loose, adventurous collection of songs is more vital than many of the other overcooked projects. (3.5/5)

    If you do not like funk, there is every chance you will not enjoy [this excellent album].

    Rocket Juice & The Moon sounds a bit undercooked. (2/5)

    A highly enjoyable album of Afrobeat music accented with edgy bass and artsy guitar/synth melodies. (3.5/5)
    Consequence of Sound

    Not all the collaborators are of the highest calibre [...] But the musicality and effervescent spirit are the qualities that abide. (4/5)
    The Guardian

    When the elements are this select, the results can reach places which didn't exist before.
    The Independent

    Damon's come up with yet another side-project that deserves to be front and centre. (4/5)
    London Evening Standard

    It could have been a self-indulgent mess but, thanks to Albarn’s ability to conjure delicious pop hooks out of thin air, it is catchy and accessible. (4/5)
    Mail Online

    Hypnotic, doomy, edgy but strangely forgettable, too. (3/5)
    Mojo (scan by Gorillaz-Unofficial)

    A little more focus and coherency would've made it a great record rather than a good one. (3/5)

    [...] sunny, flowing grooves of classic Afro-funk and highlife. Perhaps the issue with Rocket Juice & The Moon is that it never gets far beyond this noble starting point. (5/10)

    It's not just the outfit's name that's a slight disappointment. (3/5)
    The Observer

    So much of Rocket Juice feels half-assed and random. (6.3/10)

    Rocket Juice & the Moon feels like a decent record, but an unfocused, meandering one. (6.1/10)

    The results may be the most forward-looking music you hear all year. (3.5/5)
    Rolling Stone

    A sincere and charming homage to Afrobeat, one that provides a glut of alluring moments, if a shortage of truly memorable ones. (3/5)
    Slant Magazine

    This debut album sounds as charmingly casual as its inception. (7/10)
Positive: 10 (55%)
Mixed: 7 (39%)
Negative: 1 (6%)

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