Blur record sales update

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Blur record sales update

Post by thespider » 06 Jul 2020, 21:30

So last week, Girls & Boys was upgraded from a silver to a gold disc in the UK (400,000 sales). Yay!

Great to have confirmation that people are still listening. I'd imagine this certification is from streams?
Do people even still purchase mp3s anymore?

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Re: Blur record sales update

Post by Pavlich » 15 Jul 2020, 01:38

That is a surprisingly low amount from the lead (?) single from one of the most iconic albums ever, which was released in the golden age for the music industry.

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Re: Blur record sales update

Post by stephen » 15 Jul 2020, 05:25

Sounds like quite a lot to me :?

Neal Zeal
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Re: Blur record sales update

Post by Neal Zeal » 15 Jul 2020, 15:39

Strikes me as pretty high, too. I would've guessed at half the number.
Is there a list of Blur singles that have sales certifications?
My guess at the biggest selling ones would be something like:
Country House (way ahead).
Then (in no particular order).
Parklife, There's No Other Way, Tender, Charmless Man, Song 2, possibly Beetlebum, and that's probably about it...

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Re: Blur record sales update

Post by PaulG » 16 Jul 2020, 17:46

Here you go, the awards for all the Blur singles in the UK along with the date they were released and the date they awarded that level. Some of the dates look completely wrong but don't blame me, it''s just a cut and paste :)

Blur Country House Food Platinum Single 25.08.2017 15.11.2004
Blur Country House Food / Parlophone Gold Single 01.08.1995 14.08.1995
Blur Country House Food / Parlophone Silver Single 01.08.1995 14.08.1995

Blur Song 2 Food Platinum Single 27.10.2017 14.11.2004
Blur Song 2 Food Gold Single 12.06.2015 14.11.2004
Blur Song 2 Food Silver Single 22.07.2013

Blur Parklife Food Gold Single 26.10.2018 14.11.2004
Blur Parklife Food Silver Single 25.07.2014 14.11.2004

Blur Tender Food Gold Single 22.07.2013
Blur Tender Chrysalis Silver Single 26.03.1999 22.02.1999

Blur Girls And Boys Food Gold Single 03.07.2020 08.02.2006

Blur The Universal Parlophone Silver Single 01.11.1995 13.11.1995

Blur Beetlebum Food Silver Single 22.07.2013

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