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Re: blur official answering questions on

Post by dougharrison » 07 Jan 2019, 22:20

tom_cas1 wrote:
07 Jan 2019, 20:54
So what was this? I had a look at the site and the majority of questions asked were dire. Not related to the band at all. Fake?
i'm guessing its official, something being done/trialled in a promoting context, but there's no chance the band are actively involved, not based on those answers

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Re: blur official answering questions on

Post by stephen » 08 Jan 2019, 13:44

It doesn't look like the questions are the best of quality. But then they did come from snapchat.

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Re: blur official answering questions on

Post by tom_cas1 » 12 Jan 2019, 04:56

The decisions their management make really boggle the mind. The worst thing? The band either don't realise or don't care.
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Re: blur official answering questions on

Post by rich » 12 Jan 2019, 18:15

well, one of the questions was "Will I get an opportunity to ever meet you" and the answer was "Hopefully!"

so - here's hoping :) :)
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