Blur and addiction

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Blur and addiction

Postby Pavlich » 25 Aug 2017, 09:30

Does anyone have any good articles relating to Blur's general relationship with drink and drugs?

I'm sure there's a few interviews out there with some good quotes amongst the endless line here and there.

Especially interested into their views and insights into giving them up. Obviously there's a documentary half-dedicated to it and it's well known the struggles a few of them went through, but I'm sure there's some good stuff to help someone who is young and wanting to give up drink and finding it a little difficult.

Cheer-ah... thanks...
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Re: Blur and addiction

Postby stephen » 25 Aug 2017, 16:27

I've not read it in a while but I think Alex James autobiography talks about the bands relationship with alcohol.
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Re: Blur and addiction

Postby Mallard No. 22 » 31 Aug 2017, 05:42

Yes I haven't read Alex's book in a while, but a running theme (as per its title) is that he went through the period without much difficulty, but in an alcohol haze.
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Re: Blur and addiction

Postby Mark87uk » 31 Aug 2017, 21:01

Theres quite alot online about damons dallying with heroin
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