Damon's thoughts On Radical Islamic Terrorism?

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Re: Damon's thoughts On Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Postby metalhipslop » 25 Jun 2017, 03:32

Lt Pinkerton wrote:
tom_cas1 wrote:
metalhipslop wrote:He seems a lot more concerned with with Brexit at this point, which was a democratic thing... Islamic terrorism, war in general and destruction of culture is far more terrifying, In my opinion.

Excellent point.

Well, not quite. Damon's opinion on terrorism won't change a thing (terrorists are bad? really? No shit fam!) but his (actually pretty solid!) views on Brexit are more likely to influence other people, plus he's probably more entitled to talk about it.

You make a good point.
My post was more of an observation, as i'm not from England and not really too informed about Brexit. I really shouldn't be talking about it. To me, at the moment there seems to be a huge terrorism crisis in Europe, and I'm surprised Damon hasn't really talked about it (but at the same time I am not, dougharrison wrote some spot on points).. which is why this thread's OP was so interesting
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