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Re: Happiest Blur Song

Post by 101reykjavik » 04 Mar 2016, 13:11

Mallard No. 22 wrote:Country House - a singalong song that represents a great time for Blur and UK music.
It didn't make Graham very happy... :lol:

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Re: Happiest Blur Song

Post by Legless Owl » 05 Mar 2016, 01:44

Lonesome street!!

I just can't listen to that song without having a foolish grin plastered on my face. I don't know. It might not be their happiest song, but it makes my body move against my will and it brings back good memories... It was obviously the first song they played at Mode and within a couple of seconds, they had me floating in a bubble of joy. Whenever I listen to it, I feel the same excitement I felt back then. It also makes me think of that Chinese guy dancing in such a diligent but peaceful way. Yes, that song makes me feel good. :)

Otherwise: Girls and boys, Peter Panic, Advert, Lot 105 (you should see my son dancing to it when the song goes faster, it's hilarious! Same goes with Intermission), Ong Ong, Bang, Sunday Sunday...

You're so great is one of those songs that make me both sad and happy. Graham is really good at writing them.

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Re: Happiest Blur Song

Post by Vorsprung » 13 Mar 2016, 12:48


1) PARKLIFE - celebration of all that is London, British
2) THE MAGIC WHIP - celebration of rebirth, renewal amongst band mates
3) MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH - hints of parklife - it may be that modern life is rubbish, but then I guess it will always be, so be happy
4) LEISURE - its good to be young and inspired
5) THINK TANK - a blend of hope and darkness negating one another
6) BLUR - angst growing against mainstream success
7) 13 - band growing weary of one another from within - no distance left to run says it all
8) THE GREAT ESCAPE - take away all of the "oom pa pa" and what are you left with...the antithesis of parklife

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Re: Happiest Blur Song

Post by aldamasta » 13 Mar 2016, 19:32

Hmm, very interesting! I think we could have an entire separate thread about the happiest albums.

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