Blur in The New Yorker

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Blur in The New Yorker

Post by mizzuzjoja » 28 Nov 2015, 20:14 ... d-for-blur

It's been a great year for Blur-related music journalism. Shame the band's official social media team isn't more up on this sort of thing.

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Re: Blur in The New Yorker

Post by rich » 29 Nov 2015, 01:57

very good read - thanks for spotting...
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Re: Blur in The New Yorker

Post by Rosie » 30 Nov 2015, 08:35

Thank-you for the link, very nice article!

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Re: Blur in The New Yorker

Post by JAIME » 30 Nov 2015, 13:07

mizzuzjoja wrote: ... d-for-blur
My glimpse took place when my band opened for Blur, in 1992.
Exactly on April 25, 1992.
mizzuzjoja wrote:At some point in the midst of the Brit moment in the art world, someone had a show that included a poster of Blur onto which the artist had ejaculated multiple times.
:shock: :lol:

Agreed on the last lines, Blur have aged well definitely.

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