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RIP Danny Kirwan

Posted: 09 Jun 2018, 03:44
by tom_cas1
I thought this hugely underrated guitarist deserved his own thread. I’m extremely saddened by his passing. His life was not easy in the slightest after he left Fleetwood Mac. Homelessness, mental issues due to drug intake during the Fleetwood Mac days - a tough life.

It’s a sad day for music. RIP.

Re: RIP Danny Kirwan

Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 05:03
by Mallard No. 22
R.I.P. Danny Kirwan.

I don't have all of their music, but I like that earlier period of Fleetwood Mac.

Re: RIP Danny Kirwan

Posted: 17 Jun 2018, 17:36
by KingLouieLouie76
Such an underrated guitarist and singer! I was actually shocked though to find out that he was still alive after all these years..... I was hoping the "Classic 5" would reunite before it was too late.... Danny certainly will be missed, but never forgotten!