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the Dire Straits thread

Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 00:12
by MsMagicAmerica
Is anyone else on here a fan of Dire Straits?

I think they're a fantastic band that no one really talks about (at least here in the States) I think their first album (self titled) is really awesome laid back music with some great guitar and music.

Re: the Dire Straits thread

Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 00:52
by KingLouieLouie76
I love them..."Brothers In Arms" of course started it all for me....."Money For Nothing", "Walk of Life", but my absolute fave always has been "So Far Away" and I've always identified w/that particular song...

I've always loved their self-title debut, of course for "Sultans of Swing". "Romeo and Juliet" is another song I've loved by them. Mark Knopfler is brilliant in every regard!

Re: the Dire Straits thread

Posted: 27 Mar 2016, 04:10
by MsMagicAmerica
I obviously knew of them through MTV (any kid growing up in the 80's did) but I also grew up listening to their music as my Dad was a fan of theirs. I think Mark Knopfler is an extremely gifted guitar player. I too, love So Far Away. It's a very pretty song. I don't know what my favorite song by them is. Some of my favorites are Lady Writer, Sultans of Swing, Money for Nothing, Down to the Waterline, Portobello Belle, & Tunnel of Love.

Re: the Dire Straits thread

Posted: 30 Mar 2016, 06:51
by Mallard No. 22
I didn't like how the album 'Brothers In Arms' seemed to consume everything at the time.

Along with The Band Aid/Live Aid movement and MTV, it globalised music but at the same time squeezed out interesting UK artists (& probably equivalent ones in the USA as well).

That said I don't doubt the competence of Mark Knopfler as a musician.