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Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 22:55
by AdvertBreak
Oh come on. I love this band and me and Jay got into them simultaneously last autumn although I'd known Buffalo for a while thanks to C86. They need a thread.

One of the greatest bands of the 80s. Crazy, bonkers, genreless avant-funk-experimental-rock thingy thingy something. Mike Patton was a fan, and it shows both Faith No More and Mr Bungle, and Primus owe a debt to them, but they're a wee English-Irish indie band who were thrown into the C86 crowd due to the NME, just like Big Flame unfairly were.

So they only did two albums. Quirk Out (only 19 minutes long) and A Fierce Pancake. Quirk Out is an utter masterpiece though. Buffalo is just fantastic. Tupperware Stripper likewise. Our Fathers is just fantastic. Bit Part Actor likewise (and its insane). AFP was their only full length album and by singing to Ensign Records it was like a kiss of death to them, sort of. But its still a great record. It gave them their only (minor) hit, the frog-croaking Charlton Heston (put his vest on), a novelty track that's actually awesome. #72 it did do reach.

So they split up and reunited briefly years later. Sadly Mick Lynch, their lead singer, died a few months ago. His death basically seems to have kicked off this tragic season of music deaths we've been having. But being an obscure band, and having to rely on a shitty phone when he did, I didn't even find out he'd died until a month afterwards.

So yeah, a band of the true visionary ilk.

Re: Stump

Posted: 31 Mar 2016, 05:29
by TripleJay97
Wonderful band. You don't get much more underrated than Stump.

Re: Stump

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 04:24
by AdvertBreak
No, you don't sadly. What a brilliant band.

[Self-promotion time]
I wrote the Wikipedia page for their mini album Quirk Out today" onclick=";return false;
And for their only full length album A Fierce Pancake a while ago" onclick=";return false;
In the former case, they were actually quite popular with the music mags and Indie Chart, so its strange they were never big at all.