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Re: U2

Posted: 09 Nov 2017, 05:51
by Mallard No. 22
Mark72 wrote:Well this took me back!
Mark72 - yes, thank you for posting this link (i.e. R1 'Evening Session' 13/02/92). I listened to the whole show and it does indeed take me back :D

The 'Achtung Baby' hit singles were all over the radio for about a year. I didn't buy the album at the time - I bought it later. As well as the U2 songs and interview, there was other great indie music from that time. I remember the James, Charlatans and Inspiral Carpets singles quite well, and I bought the albums.

The Ride and Jesus & Mary Chain singles slipped quickly in & out of the top ten and I don't recall them too well - I don't think they got on R1 daytime too much, though IIRC in that time period (winter 1991-92) I was often working 12-hour shifts and not often near a radio.

I don't remember the Public Image Ltd single (which sounded quite good) and on checking I see it was their last hit (albeit a minor one). Another song that sounded good was 'Temptation Eyes' by Blake Babies though I don't remember it.

Mark Goodier was/is a good DJ, a lot better than many. He was interested in the music.

Old radio shows can be such a social history, a snapshot of their time :geek: :)