Selling my blur collection!

Looking for The Wassailing Song? Or selling the Blur 21 box set?

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Selling my blur collection!

Post by david » 11 Dec 2011, 15:13

I'm selling all of my blur stuff, cds, 12 inches, 7 inches, singles, signed 7 inches, signed pictures, rare shits, video tapes, dvds, never liberated bootlegs, set lists, soundchecks, autographed pictures, chords books, tabs books, shit load of books, video tapes of private french tv recording, full shows on video tapes : everything i collected from 1990 to 2000.
You can check all i got in the rar file, pm me to make offers, paypal payment, internationnal shipping.
Have fun. Happy Christmas!

I'll post the details.

Here is the list of the cds :

Albums cd :

Leisure x3
modern life is rubbish x3
park life x2
the great escape
the great escape japanese import x2
blur x2
13 white boxset edition x2

Singles cd :

She's so high x2
bang x2
there's no other way x3
pop scene X2
For tomorrow part 1 & 2
Chemical world part 1 & 2 x2
Sunday sunday part 1 & 2 x2
end of a century x2
girls and boys part 1&2 x2
girls and boys pet shop boys remix x2
parklife part 1&2 x2
parklife french cd single (parklife, pop scene, to the end french version, suppa shoppa) - numbered x2
end of a century x2
to the end x2
to the end french single (to the end instrumental as bside) x2
country house part 1&2 x2
stereotypes x2
it could be you, japanese edition x2
the universal part 1&2 x 2
the universal japanese edition
charmless man part 1&2 x2
charmless man single (it could be you as bside)
beetlebum part 1&2 x2
song 2 part 1&2 x2
song 2 japanese edition
on your own part 1&2
mor part 1&2
tender part 1&2
coffee and TV part 1&2
no distance left to run part 1&2
music is my radar part 1&2

Bootlegs - Live cds

entertainment 2 cd - Live at the dock - hambourg 1995
blurred vision - live at boston 1994 x2
england 94 - shepereds bush empire 1994
blurred - shepereds bush empire 1994 (same show different cd)
bring your wellies - Glastonburry 1998
secret gig 95 and lots more
the mod squad
magic america
if you want more take this - the sound of the other side
mr albarn's combo
sons of mod
blurred vision (various live shows)
a knees up at mile end
the great live
b sides babies
stop dreaming
talk a bout life
la mutualité (cdr)

Other cds

focusing in with blur x2
bet bet bet x2
live at the budokan (japanese edition)
peace together x2
help x2
great xpectation
who covers who x2
trainspotting x2
bustin and drownin (japanese edition)
the special collectors edition (japan)
blur single (dancehall, all your life, a spell) was given away with the lp in france x2
blur live single (6 tracks live at Vredenburg Holland)
death of a party, fan club cd x2
close, fan club cd
i love her, fan club cd
music is my radar, tracks from Damon label
massive attack - angel damon and graham remix
terry hall - rainbows - songs with damon on it
cornelius star fruits damon version
odrinary descent criminal
mali music

gorillaz :

Tomorrow comes today
clint eastwood
rock the house
self tittled lp - digipack

Graham coxon :

the sky is too high
the golden D
crow sit on blood tree
crow sit on blood tree - promo cd with different version of place for grief
the kiss of morning
happiness in magazines
spinning top - promo cd
thank god for the rain
bittlesweet bundle of misery
burnt to bitz

You can download a rar file with the pictures of the whole collection, sorry it's quite large.

questions and offers via pm

thank you guys, i'd rather sell this to real fans that on ebay.

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