Selling Blur collection

Looking for The Wassailing Song? Or selling the Blur 21 box set?

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Selling Blur collection

Post by mralbarnscombo » 04 Sep 2023, 11:25

Hi! Longtime lurker here, sad to see this board go. I hope it can be saved and moved to a new site.

Anyway, the time has come for me to say goodbye to my Blur collection. Still love them but I don't really have the space for it anymore and I don't really get much pleasure from it either. It's mostly CDs I've amassed over the years, as well as a few rare bits and some stuff you can't really buy anymore, like the deluxe Parklive boxset. Nothing the most hardcore collectors would miss, but might be a good shout for a starter to get their collection up and running. All of it is in very good state bar a couple of jewel cases here and there.

21 CD boxset

As new, got everything including the Superman 7 inch single.


Every studio album, these are the OG CDs in jewel cases with booklets etc, got all of them (bar Darren), as well as The Best of and Midlife. Live at the Budokan and Live at Hyde Park 2009 are there as well. Limited 13 and Think Tank editions (not the 2012 reissues) plus the regular CDs too.


Showtime, Best Of, and Parklive boxset

Singles (CDs)

Decent collection, I've got most album singles since Parklife plus rare-ish stuff like the Music Is My Radar CD with Seven Days in it. Also includes Clint Eastwood and You & I, as well as Out of Time DVD single

Solo stuff

TGTBTQ debut deluxe edition CD with DVD
Most of Graham's studio albums until 2012, including A&E. Only missing Crow Sit on Blood Tree and Spinning Top I believe.
All first 3 main Gorillaz studio albums + The Fall. Plastic Beach is the digipack with the documentary DVD.
Dr Dee


Under the westway/the puritan
Lonely Press Play RSD exclusive

Song 2 Japanese Single CD
Graham's Kiss of Morning signed CD
Golden D Japanese Edition with obi strip
Best of Special Edition with extra CD
Mr Albarn's Combo Bootleg CD
Interview Bootleg CD
"The Marvelous Dream" CD promo single


3862 days, a decent Albarn bio, Black Book 2, Blurbook, Alex's books, a couple of 90s fan mags, and that Magic Whip comic book they put out a few months after release.

Whole bloody thing going for £425 + shipping which I think is fair given you can't even find 21 for less than 200 quid anymore, although happy to listen to offers. Happy to negotiate for spare bits and bobs as well and more than happy to knock down a few quid for chunk offers (i.e. an offer for all the CD singles or all the books).

Pics here: ... sp=sharing

Happy to answer any questions! Any interested ppl pls send me a PM. Cheers

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Re: Selling Blur collection

Post by Lauren_bluraddict » 07 Oct 2023, 12:00

How much are you willing to sell the fan mags for??

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