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by TristramShandy
09 Nov 2017, 13:46
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blur's height
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Re: Blur's height

Graham's height is mentioned on the side of the milk box in the Coffee & TV video. :D Though I cannot remember it offhand, nor tell whether it's his genuine height or it was made up randomly.
by TristramShandy
09 Nov 2017, 13:40
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blurd Tribute Band...
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Re: Blurd Tribute Band...

I watched a few videos of Blurd... They're ok, but lack the preciseness of the guitar and bass parts. Maybe I'm slightly picky, but even Song 2 isn't nailed right... This Db chord under "why I need you" should not be a barre, it's so much better the way Graham plays it including the low string, that...
by TristramShandy
09 Nov 2017, 13:30
Forum: Blur
Topic: My Official iTunes Blur Play Count
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Re: My Official iTunes Blur Play Count

I personally reckon The Puritan is a good song. Notwithstanding the fact that it was probably mixed by my mother-in-law (tough, and it ruins part of it, agreed), it has nonetheless a good Blur vibe in it.
by TristramShandy
12 Oct 2017, 15:15
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Topic: what would u change ur username to?
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Re: explain your username

Title of one of my favourite books.
No connection to Blur, except maybe I once read somewhere in the press the Oasis/Blur rivalry being described as "Northern pub lads vs. Southern shandy drinkers." :)
by TristramShandy
11 Oct 2017, 15:52
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Topic: For Tomorrow
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Re: For Tomorrow

Sorry for commenting again on this oooold post, but mystery solved, I eventually found out what that weird sound was: I reckon it's an electric guitar through a flanger effect, mainly playing palm muted. From time to time you can hear a chord, and the flanger goes wiiiiiiiz. Same instrument. While t...
by TristramShandy
03 Oct 2017, 15:22
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Topic: Did The Magic Whip give you closure?
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Re: Did The Magic Whip give you closure?

dparrott wrote:My closure is that they made another album with Graham again. I would have been sad if TT was their last.
Agreed. Ending with the Graxit would not have been great.
Now I don't know if TMW gives me the impression of final closure... But I definitely know that A+E does not in Graham's discography!
by TristramShandy
18 Sep 2017, 17:50
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Topic: general blur thread
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Re: general blur thread

Is it connected with the tuning or a special sound of another guitar? Regarding tuning, it's interesting how he seldom uses alternate tunings with Blur, and a lot more in his solo stuff. I can only think offhand of Swamp Song and No Distance Left To Run for alternate-tuning Blur songs, whereas we h...
by TristramShandy
15 Sep 2017, 06:22
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Topic: Song/Band Game
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Re: Song/Band Game

The Magnetic Fields - Queen Of The Savages
by TristramShandy
14 Sep 2017, 15:24
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Topic: unpopular blur opinions
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Re: unpopular blur opinions

Ok, to get back to the original thread, here are two personal opinions which I reckon will be unpopular:

1) The best and worst tracks on The Magic Whip are resp. My Terracotta Heart and Ghost Ship.

2) Best track on The Great Escape and epitomy of the album is Ernold Same.
by TristramShandy
09 Aug 2017, 16:55
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Topic: 13 and OK Computer.
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Re: 13 and OK Computer.

considering the b-sides at the time were mainly remixes, theres a good chance that there isnt much in the way of unreleased songs outsie of a couple of demos the initial jams that were used to form the final songs They seem to have also recorded a track called "Gnossienne #1" in that period (see sl...
by TristramShandy
29 May 2017, 17:07
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Topic: Look inside america
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Re: Look inside america

It's a good song, a nice reminder of End Of A Century.
by TristramShandy
23 May 2017, 01:16
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Topic: Modern Life Is Rubbish: The first ever britpop album!?
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Re: Modern Life Is Rubbish: The first ever britpop album!?

Very interesting post. I think in terms of sheer musical style, as already mentioned, Modern Life has little to do with Parklife or The Great Escape , which are usually deemed more representative of 90's Britpop, whatever it means. Now, where these three albums meet (unlike Blur's others, except may...
by TristramShandy
23 Mar 2017, 13:58
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Topic: Thoughts on the self titled album
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Re: Thoughts on the self titled album

I totally agree as for the 90s production. I was definitely referring to the vocal part: I find the random lyrics, along with the lilting, singsong, offpitch vocals quite Dylanesque. (Add to that the 4-chord basic harmonic sequence, heavily strummed...)
Well, personal opinion...
by TristramShandy
22 Mar 2017, 21:39
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Topic: For Tomorrow
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Re: For Tomorrow

I had the same difficulty while transcribing For Tomorrow. I also thought it could be another bass track with a flanger/phaser effect on it but I wasn't sure either. This song is defo overproduced... or underproduced (depending on the point of view). So many layers! I pretty much worked out the str...
by TristramShandy
22 Mar 2017, 21:26
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blur Covers
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Re: Blur Covers

I recently created a Youtube channel with a friend where you can find a cover of For Tomorrow:" onclick=";return false; Let me know what you think of it :)! I reckon it's fairly accurate. Good job! Since I'm still working on my own t...