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by Simon le bon
Yesterday, 15:46
Forum: Blur
Topic: Really obscure Blur live concert question
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Re: Really obscure Blur live concert question

it kinda rings a bell to me...
by Simon le bon
01 May 2020, 18:54
Forum: Blur
Topic: RIP Tony Allen
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Re: RIP Tony Allen

very sad news...i can't believe it yet
I saw TGTBATQ on both tours. The gig last year was absoluely incredible, and tony allen was fantastic
by Simon le bon
05 Apr 2020, 16:23
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blur album non-single songs top 10
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Re: Blur album non-single songs top 10

This is a low
He thought of cars
Blue Jeans
Death of a Party

We all are bored
by Simon le bon
26 Jan 2020, 22:24
Forum: Blur
Topic: Gorillaz - Song Machine
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Re: New track from Gorillaz to premiere on BBC Radio 1 this Thursday

i'm always disappointed when i hear that gorillaz will release new material.
Spend more time with blur damon!
by Simon le bon
30 Mar 2019, 18:12
Forum: Blur
Topic: BLUR LIVE @ Africa Express: The Circus!
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Re: BLUR LIVE @ Africa Express: The Circus!

It seems that life is going to be much more exciting in the months to come!
by Simon le bon
12 Aug 2018, 16:33
Forum: Blur
Topic: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20
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Re: The Sky Is Too High Turns 20

A day is far too long is a gem. It’s the first song that I heard from the man (my uncle managed to rip 4 songs from Kazaa or soulseek, sorry Graham) in autumn 2001. I remember my mind instantly blown away..the 13 year old teenager that I was at the time was expecting something more « blury », but wa...
by Simon le bon
12 Apr 2018, 20:12
Forum: Blur
Topic: GRAHAM COXON: New Song "Falling"
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Re: GRAHAM COXON: New Song "Falling"

What a nice song. I’ve just downloaded it today, and I can already tell that it’s one of the best song that graham recorded as far as I am concerned. His voice sounds better than ever, and fits the song so very well. It goes straight to my heart, just like ‘a day is far too long’ did the first time ...
by Simon le bon
10 Jan 2018, 05:51
Forum: Blur
Topic: Blur Video Thread
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Re: Blur Video Thread

He thought of cars = masterpiece
by Simon le bon
26 Nov 2017, 12:12
Forum: Live Downloads
Topic: Humanz + The Now Now Live Recordings & Interviews
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Re: Humanz Live Recordings & Interviews

Thanks for uploading the show. I was at the gig and i'm still not sure wether I enjoyed it or not. I'll give it a second go, thanks!
by Simon le bon
14 Nov 2017, 11:49
Forum: Blur
Topic: GORILLAZ: Humanz + The Now Now Tours 2017-2018
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Re: GORILLAZ: Tour Thread

No fucking way!!!
I was in Geneva last week, it was an average show and now they play Hong Kong!!!
I am so jealous
by Simon le bon
15 Jul 2017, 21:58
Forum: Blur
Topic: Opinions on Popscene?
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Re: Opinions on Popscene?

My all time favorite with He thought of cars.
I like both the studio version with the horns, and the punk live version, the peel acres version being the climax.
I watched the video clip on the DVD billions of times