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by r_mccann23
27 Jan 2017, 23:35
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Topic: B-Roads
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Re: B-Roads

Now Starshaped probably had loads of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor, since they followed the band around for over a year. Most likely. Cery Levy said that he shot 300+ hours for Bananaz, the Gorillaz doc, and then when they cut it down to the very best bits it was 19+ hours! Would ...
by r_mccann23
27 Jan 2017, 23:26
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Topic: Ovation Network Blur Documentary 2001
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Re: Ovation Network Blur Documentary 2001

Sounds like the Southbank show, but obviously it was Damon's soundtrack not Dave's. Ovation Network is a U.S. broadcaster, so it seems most likely that they would have lisenced the UK Southbank Show from 1999 and broadcast it in the U.S. in 2001, just someone has confused Damon and Dave in the listi...
by r_mccann23
27 Jan 2017, 23:19
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Topic: Trimm Trabb lyric?
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Trimm Trabb lyric?

Always wondered what those distorted bits of Trimm Trabb say. I worked out the beginning bit, " 733 North West Knoll Drive, CA 90069 ", the address of the 'Le Parc' hotel in LA that Blur stayed in and is mentioned in Alex's book. Anyone know the any of the other bits and the significance of them in ...