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The Wassailing Song
Food / EMI Records

One sided, black range bag
Close-up view of the label

Released: 17 December 1992
Format: 7" Promo
Cat. No.: BLUR 6
Approx. Value: 120


   A. The Wassailing Song

Only 500 made. Given away as a gig freebie at The Gardens in Fulham, London.

A fan who attended the gig kindly wrote me in September 2008:

"Just thought I'd give you a bit more info on the Wassailing Song promo 7inch. As the gig was at the point when the music press reckoned that Blur were finished the touts outside the gig couldn't even give tickets away. The hall was less than half full. Blur turned in a fantastic set and at the end we all drunkenly queued up to get our free 7inch from a Liverpudlian dressed as Santa.

Only about 5 minutes into the free giveaway one of my friends got impatient and lent over the barrier to get one of the records out of Santa's sack himself. The barrier collapsed and then everyone just started grabbing at the records. A lot of them ended up littering the floor and being trampled on. My friends and I came away with a total of about 10 copies. Only 3 of those made it back home without being nearly destroyed (my friends were too drunk to look after them).

Although 500 were pressed I'd say that a lot less than that were actually given away or survived the night. I know that my friends were so disappointed with the records contents they threw them away. I sold 2 of my copies about 5 years ago for 140 each.

Fantastic night out. All I need now is Blur to reform and the value of my one remaining copy will rise (and I'll get to see Blur again of course).

Regards. Iain"

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