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Ooh, Yeh Yeh / Seven Naked Valleys

Released: 22 April 2012
Highest UK Chart Position: did not chart in Top 200

22 Apr 2012
1. Ooh, Yeh Yeh
2. Seven Naked Valleys


 Physical Promos
CD Promo
CDRDJ 6856
Apr 2012
Parlophone / EMI Records
Approx. value: ?
CD Promo
Card sleeve
1. Ooh, Yeh Yeh (Radio Edit)
2. Ooh, Yeh Yeh (Album Version)
3. Ooh, Yeh Yeh (Instrumental)
4. Seven Naked Valleys (Radio Edit)
5. Seven Naked Valleys (Album Version)
6. Seven Naked Valleys (Instrumental)

According to the press releases, the single was scheduled to be released properly (possibly on physical formats) on 27th May or 11th June 2012.

Ooh, Yeh Yeh & Seven Naked Valleys: Written by Graham Coxon. Produced by Ben Hillier for 140db Management. Mixed by Ben Hillier. Engineer: Ferg Peterkin. Assistant engineers: Matt Wiggins & Joe Rodgers. Spoken Voice on Seven Naked Valleys: Lucy Parnell. Mastered by Bunt Stafford-Clark. Recorded at The Pool, London.

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